How To Maintain A Lawn All Year Round


A well-maintained law adds up to the beauty of a property. It is a matter of enormous dedication when a lawn is to be maintained. One needs to have the best landscaping company to get the best results. You can contact CF Landscaping services to plan out a yearly lawn care plan for you. According to every month a lawn needs something slightly different to remain in its best condition. Landscaping is not the just mere plantation of green grass and a few colorful flowers. Lawn design is a massive real estate project that needs a lot of dedication and care. Let us discuss lawn care on a monthly basis:
· January: In this winter month, your lawn needs more delicate concern than ever. Since it is frosty in the mornings, it is advised to walk as less as possible on the green grass area. Walking can lead to little muddling causing the grass to get bruised. If frost enters the grass, it can lead to brown scorching. In January make a check of all the gardening tools and make sure they are in excellent condition. You may like to take your pieces of equipment for a service so that in the months to come your lawn can be adequately maintained.

· February: This month marks dry and mild weather which is good for your lawn. However, there might be some moss growth in your garden that could be treated in the spring months. You can mow the lawn which will encourage the growth of new grass that will be healthier in condition.

· March: As spring sets in do not get over excited to use new products on the lawn as it may damage the soil quality. There is still a slight chance of wintery weather which will wash away all the products used in the garden. Do not start sowing grass seed as it will need warm soil to grow quickly.

· April: This is the most suitable month for starting to maintain your lawn. Start feeding your garden with the best of products in the market to first, improve the soil quality and then plan grass seeds to allow quick growth. You can apply treatments for killing weeds.

· May: This is the month where you should keep up with mowing. Edges of the lawn are most important as weed growth mostly happen there.

· June: Along with mowing you must keep up with constant watering of the lawn. The sun might get pretty terrible at this time. Therefore, protection of the delicate grass and plants is needed.

· July: In the rainy season less watering is needed, and there is an increased risk of weeds. Therefore, keep a watch on it and get rid of them using insecticide sprays.

· August: Keep up with the mowing and feeding so that only the required amount of grass and shrubs grow.

· September: Put seeds in any bare patches left in the lawn to allow even growth of grass.

· October: Any left-outturfing should be completed before the winter months set in.

· November: Remove leaves fallen from trees and keep up with mowing.

· December: Stay away from the lawn as it must get frosty. Your footsteps can damage the grass.